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2012 has been like a movie; you couldn’t write it

2012 has been a big, eventful year for the ice cream industry. The good, the bad and the ugly have all made guest appearances along the way but like the film, the good guys, in this case the ice cream manufacturers, have come out on top and are now ready for the 2013 sequel.


One of the biggest challenges faced by manufacturers this year has been the weather. As this is England, we all had great expectations but, the endless summer we all crave and wish for every year was more like the endless winter which, as well as not sounding quite as romantic and certainly not protruding with the same connotations of sunshine, fun and freedom as its likeable counterpart, also had a big impact on ice cream sales during what would normally be the busiest time of the year.


Despite mini heat waves at the inception and again at the conclusion of the summer, it was one hampered by unpredictably cold weather; a consequence of which was a drop in tourism, and therefore ice cream sales. However, rather than letting the unstoppable elements consume them and their spirit, manufacturers battled through in the pursuit of happiness and turned what could have quite easily have been disaster movie, into a positive, and gainful, outcome, with some even reporting record profits.


A further positive of 2012 has been the clear growth in overall product recognition with the UK following in the footsteps of the American market and establishing bespoke versions of the specialist ice cream parlours that have been so successful over there. The most prominent of which is probably the Icecreamists of Covent Garden who have almost reinvented flavours and branding and in doing so, bought a new lease of consumer excitement to the UK market.


It’s been an up and down year fraught with obstacles but the industry overall has demonstrated its versatility and ability to adapt. So, what does 2013 hold? It’s unknown but it is coming soon, and we’re confident it’s going to be another successful year.


Now the fun part; for the movie buffs out there, you will have undoubtedly seen that there are movie titles incorporated throughout. For those that didn’t notice, analyse this article again and you’ll definitely spot a few. How many can you see? All entries to be sent to ben@machineryworld.co.uk   

Posted in News on 28 Nov 2012.

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