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Hot Summer: Check, Ice Cream: Check, Appropriate Machinery: ?  11 Apr 2014

Despite it only being mid-April long-range weather forecasters are already using some pretty heavy-duty words when describing what the UK can expect this summer. ‘Super summer’, ‘prolonged heat wave’, ‘hot sunshine’, ‘a summer to rival Ibiza’ are all terms that have been confidently touted by forecasters and newspapers alike in the past few weeks, and let’s hope they’re right.

Recent summers have been a little hit and miss to say the least and even though last summer was ‘nice’, it still didn’t live up to those endless days of sun we remember ten, fifteen, twenty years ago, and it certainly didn’t make up for the lack of sunshine we’ve experienced from the previous few years.

The ice cream industry was hit hard by the weather, but if the experts are right could this year be the year manufacturers revive it to the glory days of past? Well it seems that the weather platform may well be set to achieve it, now all that is needed is the appropriate machinery. Good ingredients warrant good machinery and the two together undoubtedly ends with an in-demand product, and an in-pocket manufacturer.


There’s Ice Cream on the CV  03 Dec 2013

We’ve always said that the ice cream industry attracts many individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, some eccentric, some exceptional but all with the common belief that they can, in one way or another, evolve or reshape the industry for the better.

However, it appears that this thirst to develop and change things isn’t always clenched within the ice cream industry, or anything to do with the ice cream industry as a matter of fact, with some rarely talented individuals going on to carve successful careers in hugely unrelated sectors.


Machinery World Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation  24 Sep 2013

Machinery World is delighted to announce that it has been awarded with the ISO 9001:2008 certificate as a result of its quality management processes and ability to demonstrate its desire for continual internal improvement as a means of enhancing the customer experience.

There are many different branches to the ISO 9000 family, but ISO 9001:2008 specifically sets out the criteria for a quality management system that will consistently achieve customer satisfaction, no matter the situation. Based upon a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, having a documented and processed approach and, continual improvement, the ISO certification is a recognised decoration in over 170 countries and currently implemented by over one million businesses globally.


So, it Seems the Sun is Setting on a Sizzlingly Successful Summer   12 Sep 2013

With the recent downturn in the UK’s weather, it appears that another summer may have, what feels almost prematurely and suddenly, come an end; reinforced even more so if you’ve seen the Christmas decorations that have started to appear in all the major supermarkets. But, has it been a successful summer for ice cream manufacturers? Despite a mixed start, it appears so.

In typical fashion, the start of the summer saw the UK live up to its weathered reputation with regular rain showers, high winds and sporadic appearances from the distant yellow thing in the sky. This trend continued right up until the beginning of June and resulted in ice cream sales slumping by 3.9 per cent. Justifiably, many feared that the nightmare summer of 2012 was about to be relived.


Machinery World Travels the World Over to Bring You the Best  19 Aug 2013

Dairy machines are readily available around globe but, at a time when value for money and return on investment are at the top of many a tick list, the volume of suitable machinery drops considerably. However, Machinery World is going, far, out of its way to ensure that these requirements are met, and even surpassed.

In the last couple of months, Machinery World’s expert buyers have visited no less than nine countries, including Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa and the USA, in the search for a higher standard of used machinery that it can still sell at competitive and affordable prices. What’s more, with Machinery World’s in-house engineering team also servicing each machine and replacing any potentially frail parts, the required criteria is easily met.


Machinery World Launches Asset World, Offering Surplus Machinery for Clearance  30 May 2013

Machinery World, experts in sourcing and selling new and used dairy processing and ice cream machinery, has extended its offerings to the industry with the launch of Asset World, www.assetworld.net, a new reseller of surplus machinery which it offers at clearance prices.

When cared for properly, dairy and ice cream machinery generally has a very long life expectancy, but as manufacturers grow their businesses, decide to take different product avenues or merely decide to update their machinery, some equipment is inevitably going to become surplus to requirement. However, that’s surplus to requirement to their business and not necessarily to that of others.

From ice cream fillers to control panels and cheese forming machines, Asset World offers a wide variety of this type of machinery. To ensure that the prices to stay at their lowest possible, the machines are ‘buy as seen’ and no work has been undertaken on them by Machinery World’s engineering department, although the service is available if required.


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